I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba to an engineer father and to a stay at home mother. After my family moved to Calgary in 1982, I grew up witnessing the harmful effect federal government policies had on Western Canada, and the constant constitutional battles between Ottawa and Quebec. After graduating from SAIT with a CTSR diploma in 1997, I went to work for Alberta Health Services as a service worker, lift attendant, and working leader responsible for orientating, coaching, and delegating operations for distribution services; a department with hundreds of employees. While serving in my role in the health care industry, I studied communications, media, and Canadian government and politics at Athabasca University where I made the Honours list in 2010, during the third year of my BPA – Communication Studies program.
I never intended to go into politics or run as a candidate, but after watching successive Liberal and Conservative Governments trade power after each election cycle, it has become very difficult to tell them apart. I have concluded that Canada needs a government free from corruption and puts the needs of the people first. After decades of constitutional friction between the provinces and the federal government, it’s time we have a federal system that fosters prosperity and celebrates the values that unite us as Canadians.
I believe the People’s Party of Canada, and its leader Maxime Bernier, represent the change needed to reform our federal system, and bring responsibility back to government. By implementing new policies regarding federal transfer payments, corporate welfare, balanced budgets, income tax, supply management, immigration, foreign policy and government regulation, we can make our country prosper and help all Canadians succeed.
I care deeply about our country, and I will fight as your MP to defend the values and principles that have made Canada a great place to live. Canadians have suffered economically as a result of policies that have turned our country into a welfare state, and politically from federal interference in provincial jurisdictions. While I believe in a social safety net, and defend the need for universal healthcare, it is my firm belief that these government programs can, and should, be reformed for the benefit of all Canadians.
It is for these reasons that I chose to run as a candidate in Calgary Confederation for the upcoming 2019 Canadian federal elections. As a founding member of the People’s Party of Canada, I will best represent you in parliament and fight for policies based on freedom, personal responsibility, fairness and respect that will make life better for all Canadians.



Please support my nomination by signing the form on my Support my nomination page.

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